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Pergola Wood

Pergola Wood System

Pergola produces retractable awning systems with wood construction with its aesthetic appearance, natural material selection and smartness in details, for your comfort in all fields.


In all of the processes from treatment and use of material, design of wooden products, plan of production to quality control, we use wooden in your life spaces without losing its natural features.


Pergola wood technology provides usefulness of spaces through its functional features, and makes the spaces, in where we live and work, warm, colorful and natural environment through its aesthetic values.


Pergola wood work with a retractable motorized system, which can be adapted on it. Thanks to this system, while enjoying the sensation of coolness in day time, you can also enjoy splendid stars in the same space at night.

Quality in Naturalness

Enjoyable seasons with elegance of wood. The wood series, designed with combination of art and technique, harmonies with all your living spaces.

Elegance of Wood

Laminated wood used in wooden construction, is a longer lasting material than standard wood and easy to maintain. Laminated wood, reflects the characteristics, endurance and warmth of standard wood to your space in the most natural manner.

With You for Years

In Pergola Wood awning system, impregnated and laminated wood construction, and special awning fabrics resistant to sun, rain and wind, and water tight are used. Thus, our awning system keeps and continues its elegance for many years.


Pergola, which is the product of an lasting, aesthetic and minimalist effort that converts all problems which you face to solution, is designed by receiving inspiration from constructive, analytical and universal energy of the art.

Natural Aesthetic of Season
Pergola from Seasons

The Difference of Pergola
Our design story in the season

The most important factor behind the success of our company is that we keep our respect to customer satisfaction at the highest level. With our expert team, and the principle of quality service, Pergola Co. advocates customer satisfaction at sale and after sales as well, and leads the sector in this regard.

Shadow Under a Tree in the Hottest Days of Summer
100% Sun Protection with Blackout Ceiling Covering
Ceiling covering is guaranteed against fading and corrosion for 5 years. Thanks to blackout feature, sun rays are blocked 100% and the interior space is kept cool and spacious. The ceiling covering, which creates an extra space sense with its special three-dimensional fabric texture, is easily cleanable, and cream, gray and white colors are available.


For a Warm Environment Even in the Harshest Conditions of Winter
Air And Water Tightness Guaranteed Sealing System
Pergola implemented in order to protect the space from adverse weather conditions, allows you to enjoy your garden and terrace even in coldest days of winter thanks to the first-class insulation products and the sealing systems.


You Imagine, and Let us Colorize.
All natural wooden colors and colors custom to you are at your command.
All natural wooden colors or any solid color that you may wish can be applied in carrier construction of Pergola wood systems.


In Order To Continue The Pleasant Conversations In The Evening
Moving spot light system
With the lighting system to be designed in line with the requirements of your space; thanks to remote control, dimmer function, and spotlights, there will not be even a single dark place.


No Unevenness Will Disrupt Your Eye Taste
Wood construction designed by Pergola
Laminated wood used in wooden construction, is a longer lasting material than standard wood and easy to maintain.It harmonies with all your living spaces with its natural structure and aesthetic appearance.