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Pergola Alu Elegant; It is an elegant and durable pergola awning system designed to live outdoors. A functional development of the Pergola Alu collection, this product is ideal for creating attractive spaces in your garden or on your terrace. The Pergola Alu Elegant Awning System not only meets all the requirements you need for your style and your constructions, but also offers durability and elegance.

Pergola Alu Elegant is a retractable pergola awning system which is designed for outdoors to protect from sun, rain and wind, and create a livable space. In addition, specially designed custom aluminum guides which integrates to the structure, Alu provides high resistance and as well as quiet and quick performance.

Alu Elegant

Elegance of Pergola

Elegant is our affordable slimmer high-end retractable awning with aluminum structure, durable fabric and LED lights, Elegant keeps every project in budget while offering lasting and aesthetic solution.



Pergolas are there to give us comfort and ease of mind. They provide freedom from the factors that can undermine the experience; therefore, we make sure our shading structures do what they are built to do when they are supposed to. Our pergolas can be equipped with sensors of light, wind and rain to change the settings according to the environmental factors automatically, we also have remote control systems to make your structure work at your will.

Internationally renowned Somfy motors from France are used to operate all of our products.

Guaranteed for 5 years and using RTS and IO technology, the motors can be operated at the simple touch of a button.


Pergolas come with optional built-in LED tube or spot lighting